Cam Newton Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner for 900 Needy Kids, Holds Dabbing Contest, Is Awesome Dude (Video)

cam newton dabbing contest

Remember the angry Nashville mom who wrote that ridiculous letter to the Charlotte Observer about the dance Cam Newton did in the Titans endzone after scoring a touchdown? The one who chastised Cam for his “pelvic thrusts” and accused him of being a bad role model for impressionable young children? The one who was immediately ridiculed by the internet because Cam Newton is actually a great guy who is amazing with kids?

Well, it’s only fair to point out that she realized the error of her ways and changed her tune.

After her letter to Cam went viral, the Charlotte Observer contacted her and asked if she had any further thoughts. This is what she said:

“I watched the video of Cam Newton responding to media questions about my letter to him earlier this week. I really appreciate his comments and his respect for my thoughts, and I was impressed with the sensitivity and graciousness with which he spoke. I am sorry I didn’t understand him better until this week. It is clear from his remarks that he recognizes his leadership role, both on and off the field, and that he truly cares about the kids watching him. I respect his comments just as much as he did mine, and I wish him nothing but continued success on the field and in life.”

Classy move from “angry Nashville mom” to admit she was wrong. But let this be a lesson to everyone out there: do some research before you hit “send” or “publish” or whatever it is.

As for Cam Newton, as apologetic Nashville mom points out, he actually is an awesome guy. In fact, on Monday Cam held his annual “Thanksgiving Jam” charity dinner, where he treated 900 needy kids to a Thanksgiving feast…and held what we can only hope was the first annual Cam Newton dabbing contest.

(No, not this kind of dabbing. This kind.)

Take a look:

I think mom’s everywhere can rest easy. Our nation’s youth are in good hands with Cam Newton.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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