Dwyane Wade Stares Down Ref Until He Calls a Foul (Video)

dwyane wade stares down ref

Everyone who watches sports knows that veteran stars get calls that the younger guys don’t.

In MLB, for example, veteran pitchers will get borderline calls against younger hitters, while veteran hitters will get borderline calls against younger pitchers. And in the NFL, the old timers are more likely to get certain calls—such as roughing the passer—than young bucks.

Of course, the phenomenon is probably most obvious in the NBA, where a veteran star can draw a foul by flopping to the floor, or jerking his head back, or apparently just staring at the ref until he calls a foul.

Never seen that last one? Yeah, well, that’s because it’s pretty new. Dwyane Wade just unveiled this tactic on Monday night against the Knicks. Kristaps Porzingis had the audacity to try to get the ball from Wade, so Wade just stopped, picked up the ball, and stared at the ref until he called a foul.

Take a look:

Don’t try that one at home kids. It only works if you’re over thirty and have at least one championship ring.

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