Even LeBron Is Laughing at the LeBron Mustache Memes (Pics)

LeBron mustache

LeBron James has a mustache now. A person getting a mustache wouldn’t normally be news, BUT, this is LeBron we’re talking about, and his mustache is porn-ier than most.

So naturally, the memes started rolling in. Most are bad, some great. One was so great that it even made LeBron get on Instagram and say that he appreciates the memes.

Here’s THAT one:

LeBron Mustache meme

Ok. That one’s really great. The cigarette in the mouth and behind the ear is just sublime.

Then there’s this one, which makes us work for the humor a little more, but it’s still pretty good:

All in all, if anyone is going to pull off the porn mustache, it’s LeBron, so let’s just enjoy it.

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