Epic Brawl Erupts During Fenway Hurling Match Between Dublin and Galway (Videos)

fenway hurling brawl

On Sunday, two Irish hurling teams played an exhibition game at Fenway Park in Boston, and they made sure the 27,776 fans in attendance got their money’s worth. Not only did they get a high-scoring, back-and-forth game. They got a game that featured one hell of a brawl involving pretty much every player on the field.

In case you’re one of the 300 million North Americans who have never heard of it, hurling is an ancient Gaelic sport that’s basically a cross between lacrosse and field hockey. In Ireland it’s organized by the Gaelic Athletic Association, with teams representing every county taking part in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship and the National Hurling League. The game is fast, and weird, and violent.

Here’s a little primer if you’re interested:

The game at Fenway this weekend was between Dublin and Galway, and the brawl broke out midway through the second quarter. The Dublin keeper went down with some kind of knee injury, and all of a sudden all 22 players on the field were rasslin’ and beating each other up.

It might have been the first Irish brawl not fuelled by booze (probably?) in the history of Boston. Take a look:

Obviously, hurling is awesome.

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