Kobe Bryant Went 1-for-14 Last Night, Here’s What He Said About It (Video)

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant‘s fall from grace this season has been well-documented, as has his team’s inability to win ball games. But last night he sank to a new low as he went 1 for 14 from the field, and the Lakers fell to the mighty Warriors.

Here are Kobe’s highlights (lowlights) from the matchup:

When asked about his performance, Kobe somewhat deftly dodged the question by saying that even if he HAD scored a ton of points, it wouldn’t have made a difference. That is probably true, but still not something you want to hear coming out of the team leader’s mouth.

Here’s a tweet capturing his remarks on his performance after the game:

Dark days for the Lakers.  Darker days for Kobe.

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