This Lady Thinks the Guy She Posed with Was Tiger Woods…Not Even Close (Pic)


I believe that people want to believe they’re going out and meeting famous people so badly that they’ll subconsciously trick themselves into thinking that.

For instance, they could think they’re meeting Haley Joel Osment, when really it’s just a toddler. ¬†Or maybe they think they’re seeing¬†Abraham from The Walking Dead, when really it’s just a fat Andy Dalton. But that desire REALLY doesn’t explain why this chick thought she was with Tiger Woods, when she was actually just with some random dude. Sure, they’re both black, but that’s where the similarities end.

Even the guy in the picture probably can’t believe it! Unsurprisingly, the post was taken down, probably because lots of people thought she was a racist. She’s probably not. Just dumb enough to have posed with some random dude who tricked her into thinking he was Tiger Woods.

Hat Tip – [Golf Digest]



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