Steph Curry Picked Up a Pretty Modest House Outside of Oakland (Pics)


To be clear, the $3.2 million that was just paid for his Walnut Creek house is a tremendous sum of money to 99.99% of the population, but it’s really not that much for an athlete of Steph Curry’s caliber.

The guy is doing his best to lock up this year’s MVP race by game No. 20, and his team is on fire. It’s clear after the past couple seasons that Steph Curry won’t be going anywhere.  And now he’s got a house to prove it.

It’s located in affluent Walnut Creek, 16 miles outside of Oakland, and it looks…pretty normal. At 8,000 square feet, dare I say it’s a pretty good value given California real estate prices. It’s got a billiards room, a 2,500-bottle wine cellar, and five bedrooms.

Here are a couple tweets that give the lay of the land:

Note that this house likely didn’t come with a lot of sneakers.  I guess Curry can always add those himself.

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