Greg Hardy On Manziel: “Next Time, Don’t Get Caught On Camera…”


Dear Johnny Manze–, Football (Close Enough),

Congratulations on your team’s 2-8 record. I also know a thing or two about last place teams. Our team plays bad, but your team plays even worse. Kudos to your organization.

The reason I’m attempting to write this letter is we need to have a talk about your bad behavior. Everybody had a close up view of your behavior after footage was released of you partying during a bye week. The cursing on camera, holding alcohol, the pelvic thrusts, the arrogant struts and the “in your face” taunting of the camera. We saw it all.

Did you not learn anything from Ray Rice about being caught on camera? Have you seen the video of Ray Lewis murdering people on camera? No.  You wanna know why? Because Ray was smart enough to do it off camera. I refuse to believe you don’t realize you are a role model. You are paid millions of dollars every week to play like shit and lose.

Serious question: Are you on drugs? I mean, look at you here…

Take it from a man who has gotten a second chance because these hoes ain’t loyal, No not Dez, me. Jerry Jones will pay you a shitload of money regardless of what you do. Seriously, did you see my handy work in those pictures released by DeadSpin? Bruh, I should be unemployed. We’re getting off topic, this isn’t about me RKO-ing chicks on piles of guns.

I don’t know about your family life, Johnny, but I think I’m safe in saying thousands of kids watch you sit on the bench almost every week. You have sub-par talent and somewhat of a platform to be a role model for them. I mean, you live in Cleveland.  Your platform is barely visible. Unfortunately, what you modeled for them today was egotism, arrogance and poor sportsmanship.

Is that what your coaches, mentors, & alcohol rehab counselors modeled for you, Johnny?

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