Carolina Panthers Fan Choked & Thrown Out Of AT&T Stadium For Cheering (Vid)

download (14)This is the only loss the Carolina Panthers received on Thanksgiving. According to some people who witnessed the incident, This Panthers fan was simply cheering for his team when some Cowboys fans lied and said he was throwing things on the field. Security was called, the Cowboys fans quickly exited the stadium and chaos ensued.

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Here’s another view. This video reads as:

“Nice work Dallas Stadium security for throwing a guy out of the game that was”respectively” CHERI g for the other team. As a Cowboy fan I was humiliated and very disappointed when some other “COWARD” Cowboy fans said he was throwing items on the field – and then quickly exited the stadium. I hope the video tape from all the cameras requires you to giving this visiting fan an apology (and to his mother that was with him)!”

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and another view…

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