Bruins Fans Brawl Amongst Themselves On Subway After Game (Video)

bruins fans brawl bruins subway brawl

You know how sometimes you go to a hockey game, and you drink five or six beers, and you start thinking about how you’re not happy with your career or your love life, and how it makes you kind of sad, and how you just want to start beating the sh*t out of people, but you’re already on the subway and there aren’t any fans of the opposing team around?

Yeah? Well have I got good news for you! Last week some Boston Bruins fans came up with a solution for this dilemma. And it turns out that it’s been staring you in the face all along: just pick a fight with your own kind!

Last week some Bruins fans were taking the T home from the Gahdin after the B’s win over the Wild, which means they should have been in good spirits. However, a surly little fella with a Napoleon complex decided he wanted to fight somebody, so he found the biggest guy on the train and made it happen.

Things played out as expected, too. Take a look:

Love the commentary from the big guy’s girlfriend. Real nice touch.

Of course, if you listen really closely, you’ll hear that the two combatants are actually arguing over the big guy’s refusal to take part in a somersault contest. However, I think the short dude was just trying to pick a fight because he was feeling ornery.

Either way, it’s really hilarious and weird and kinda sad.

Hat Tip – [Boston Magazine]

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