Jets Fans Grilled a 96-Ounce Porterhouse Before Their 1 PM Game vs. Dolphins (Tweet)


We all know that tailgating is a pretty serious football tradition. As is over-eating. However, the Jets fans have raised the stakes on both of those traditions, as evidenced by this tweet from Darren Rovell showing a 96-ounce porterhouse steak on a very tiny grill.

Here’s the tweet before we go any further:

First, it’s funny because Darren Rovell is the business reporter for ESPN, yet he mostly tweets out stuff like this. Secondly, 7:39 AM seems pretty early to grill a steak outside, even if it’s this big and going to take some time. Third, this steak looks DISGUSTING. It’s too thick! You need to leave it covered if you want the middle to cook, guys! And judging by the color on the outside once they’ve flipped it, they’d be better of cooking it with a hair dryer.

I’d still eat it, though.

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