Soccer Keeper Kicks Ball Off Opponent’s Butt, Into Own Goal (Video)

cambridge united

In soccer, you can use not just your feet, but your chest, knees, and head to move the ball into the back of your opponent’s net.  That’s pretty obvious.  But Ben Williamson from Cambridge United took Saturday to remind us that you can also inadvertently score off your own butt, and look pretty cool doing it.

The opposing goalie for Notts County wasn’t aware of his surroundings when he tried to punt the ball downfield, and it only managed to travel a good 3 feet before hitting Williamson’s ass and taking a lofty route back into the goal.

Here it is:


Sure, it may have needed a little extra tap before crossing the line, but it was the butt that did all the heavy lifting here.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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