Browns Fans React to MNF Loss in Epic Fashion (Video)

Browns fan reaction

You’d think Cleveland Browns fans would be used to the disappointment of losing by now, but Monday night’s loss to the Ravens was no ordinary loss.

Even for a two-win team with no shot at making the playoffs, Monday’s loss on a blocked field-goal return for a touchdown on the final play of the game still had to hurt for Browns fans.  It just had to!…

And it did, if we’re to believe these videos of reactions from just a few of the Browns fans who stuck around late enough to witness this heartbreaker as it happened.

First, there was this Browns fan who ran all the way upstairs just to grab his jersey and put it on for their game-winning field-goal attempt:

After watching that, I bet he wishes he had fallen down the stairs and knocked himself unconscious just so he didn’t have to witness his team’s debacle.

And then there was this angry Browns fan who went all Hulkamania on his jersey while watching the play from the stands:

And this one:

Sucks to be a Browns fan.

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