Johnny Manziel Shot Glasses Are Available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

shot glasses

It was clear from ESPN’s promotion of last night’s dismal Browns-Ravens game that companies will continue to leverage Johnny Manizel‘s name, even if he’s just a third-stringer hanging back with a clipboard.

However, Bed, Bath, and Beyond took things to a whole new level with shot glasses bearing the name and number of the beleaguered QB who just last spring completed alcohol rehab, and just last week was found to have been drinking at a party in Texas during his team’s bye week.

Most Manziel fans probably don’t appreciate the irony, but many of his detractors DO, so this is a pretty strong gift for someone no matter how they may feel about Johnny football. Plus, it’s a novelty, because you don’t see Blake Bortles or Colin Kaepernick with their own shot glasses, now do you?

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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