NFL Reassigns Controversial Refs To Patriots game vs. Eagles


This is hilarious and has Roger Goodell’s name written all over it. It’s no secret Roger is still extremely salty about the Courts decision to overturn his suspension of Tom Brady.

Sources say the same ref crew who bungled the 49ers/Cardinals game Sunday has been taken off a matchup between Indianapolis and Pittsburgh & put on the Pats-Eagles game, a person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press.


Morelli’s group was heavily criticized by both sides after the 49ers at Cardinals game on Sunday. Arizona coach Bruce Arians said the officials “can’t count to three.”

Earlier this season, side judge Rob Vernatchi from Morelli’s crew was suspended for one game for not properly keeping track of the game clock in a Pittsburgh-San Diego game. At the time, the league said the error would impact the full-season evaluation of Morelli’s crew.



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