Dirk Nowitzki Got Spun Like a Top on this C.J. McCollum Fake (Video)


While Dirk Nowitzki is enjoying a renaissance year, something tells me that he’s not getting any quicker or better on defense. And last night’s Portland game proved this.

It was specifically apparent on this play by C.J. McCollum, who sold Dirk so hard on a head fake that Dirk spun around 360 degrees hoping to follow McCollum, who comfortably stepped back and threw up a shot from three-point land, which he sank.

Here’s the video. It does a much better job of presenting the play than words can:

The last laugh was had by Dallas, however, as they caught the Trailblazers and managed to steal the game in OT. McCollum finished the night with 11 points, while Dirk had 28. ┬áBut that probably won’t do much to erase this play from the minds of fans of both teams for a while.

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