Story Time!: Chris Webber Raided Allen Iverson’s Locker When A.I. Retired (Video)

Chris Webber

Last night, when discussing Kobe Bryant’s imminent retirement from the league, Chris Webber told a very strange story. He regaled the viewers and his co-hosts with a taleĀ about the time Webber’s former teammate Allen Iverson retired, and Chris Webber and some other teammates stole all his stuff out of his locker.

Why? Anyone’s guess. That doesn’t seem like a cool thing to do, nor does encouraging Kobe’s teammates to do that, as Webber then did. I mean, Nick Young is DEFINITELY going to go and do that now. He seems like the most suggestible guy in the world.

Here’s Chris Webber telling the weird story:

The whole thing is pretty weird. I don’t know why you would do that. Are the robbers gonna sell the stuff on eBay? Do they really need the money?

Then, he urges the thieves to take selfies with the goods. A criminal mastermind, Chris Webber is.

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