Cowboys Won’t Put Tony Romo on Season-Ending IR Because, at 3-8, Team Could Still Make Playoffs

tony romo IR cowboys playoffs

Tony Romo broke his collarbone for the second time this season against the Panthers on Thanksgiving. Given that the recovery time is listed at 6-8 weeks, that the risk of breaking the collarbone a third time is very high should he return too soon, and that the Cowboys are currently 3-8, everyone just assumed that Romo was done for the season.

Not the Cowboys, though. Owner Jerry Jones is an optimist, you see. In his eyes, the season ain’t over until the blonde 23-year-old escort hums. So the Cowboys refuse to place Romo on season-ending injured reserve in case they make the playoffs.

It sounds crazy, of course. But what’s really crazy is that it’s not. The NFC East is a festering wasteland. The Cowboys may be 3-8 and in last place, but the first place Washington Racial Slurs are only 5-6. If the Cowboys beat them this weekend and the Jets beat the Giants, the Cowboys will only be one game out of first place with four games remaining. So they really could make the playoffs. In which case Romo could potentially rejoin the team as early as the Wild Card game, or at least by the (yes I’m about to say it) NFC Championship Game.

So no, the Cowboys aren’t going to put Tony Romo on the IR just yet. Not with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

Stop laughing.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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