Kobe Bryant Says in Interview That He Could Take Jordan 1-on-1 (Video)


Kobe Bryant has made a lot of headlines in the past two days since his announcement that this NBA season, his 20th, would be his last. He sat down with ABC’s Robin Robert to talk about the past and future on “Good Morning America,” and naturally, the issue of MJ came up.

Here’s the interview:

Kobe says that he’d be able to take the legend in 1-on-1, though he concedes that Jordan would grab a few games. He also says that he wouldn’t put himself in the top five NBA players of all time, though I’m sure he would be fine with other people doing it.

All in all, this season, despite his and the team’s shortcomings, or perhaps because of them, we’ve seen a more jovial, relaxed Kobe, and those qualities come through in this interview. It’s worth checking out.

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