The New NFL Xmas Sweaters Are Awesomely Ugly and Tacky (Pics)


Sure, the whole ugly sweater trend may have run its course (when you get pop-up shops devoted to them in cities, that signifies a death rattle), but that’s not going to stop us from enjoying the terrible, ugly, awesome product the NFL has churned out for fans this holidays season.

I mean, how can you NOT love/hate this:


It’s awesome, right? Any time you’re wearing a knit article of clothing with someone’s face on it, you’re killing it, fashion-wise.

Then you have this one, which teeters on the edge of actually being too tasteful:


That’s going to be like haute couture in Pittsburgh!

Then there are the Cowboys cardigan sweaters, which are fitting because they’re making all their fans feel like they’re about 91 years old.


There are a few more, too, which you can find at the NFL online shop right here.

Hat Tip – [Complex]

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