Cleveland Ad Agency Duct Tapes Yet Another Name to the Back of the Infamous Browns Quarterbacks Jersey (Pic)

browns quarterbacks jersey

After a stint in rehab and a move to the suburbs, Johnny Manziel promised the Cleveland Browns that he was ready to grow up and stop being a distraction to the team.

Unfortunately, in October Manziel was involved in some sort of traffic incident/domestic disturbance involving his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. Then, the weekend before Thanksgiving, Manziel was spotted in Texas boozing it up two nights in a row. So future ex-Browns coach Mike Pettine had no choice but to demote Manziel from starting QB to third-stringer last week.

Of course, as you probably know, in his first game back as the Browns starting QB, poor Josh McCown broke his collarbone. And since the Browns are under absolutely no delusion that they might actually make the playoffs, they placed him on season-ending IR. Thus, given Manzeil’s demotion, when the Browns play the Bengals this weekend, they will go with Austin Davis, their 23rd different starting quarterback since 1999.

Cleveland ad agency Brokaw, the folks behind the famous (or infamous) Cleveland Browns quarterbacks jersey with the names of all the former starting QBs on it? Not surprisingly, they’ve already made the necessary update:

Of course, you might think the folks at Brokaw are just joking when they say they need more tape. But you never know. If Pettine is really serious about keeping Manziel in the dog house (not to be confused with the Dawg Pound), and if Austin Davis is absolutely terrible or gets injured, the Browns could always give QB-turned-WR Terrell Pryor another shot under center. I mean, why not? At this point what’s another body in the ever-expanding Cleveland Browns quarterback graveyard?

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]