JJ Watt Mic’d Up Is Way More Entertaining Than JJ Watt Not Mic’d Up (Video)

jj watt mic'd up

Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt is already one of the most entertaining players in the NFL. And that’s pretty impressive on its own considering he plays on the defensive side of the ball. (Well, usually.) However, what’s even more impressive is that, when you put a mic on the guy, he gets even better. In addition to being the most feared pass-rusher in the league, JJ Watt is also an All-Pro trash talker.

Of course, we got very familiar with JJ Watt’s trash-talking game during HBO’s Hard Knocks this summer. But Inside the NFL knew we were jonesing for more. So they had JJ Watt mic’d up for last Sunday’s game against the Saints—a game in which Watt recorded two sacks and was an all-around nuisance.

Check it out:

Honestly, guys, at this point just start mic’ing JJ up every game and use that audio to replace the actual commentary. No offense to the guys in the broadcast booth, but JJ Watt is just more entertaining.

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