After Kirk Cousins’ Freakout, Redskins Hang ‘Make ‘Em Like It’ Banner In Locker Room (Pic)

Kirk Cousins

After what had to be one of the lamest moments of celebration for one of the most hated NFL teams took place about six weeks ago, the Redskins have hung on to what little relevancy they have (I’m not considering being in the hunt for the NFC East “relevant”) and hung up a banner that reads “Make ’em like it,” in response to Kirk Cousins‘ “You like that” outburst.

Of course, at 5-6, it’s clear that at least a half-dozen teams have “liked” their run-in with the Redskins.

Here’s the silly banner:

Meanwhile in the Redskins locker room. #httr #YouLikeThat

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The Redskins are tied for the lead in their crummy division with that 5-6 record, so it’s possible that they could find themselves stumbling into the playoffs, which, indeed, a lot of other NFC playoff teams would like.

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