Steph Curry Interviews Dad on “Dell Curry Night,” then Torches His Old Man’s Former Team with 28 Points in 3rd Quarter (Videos)

steph curry interviews dad dell curry

Charlotte Hornets television analyst Dell Curry is often called the “original Hornet” because he was the first player selected in the 1988 expansion draft. He then went on to play 10 seasons in Charlotte and is still the franchise’s all-time leader in points, three-pointers, and games played.

Of course, these days it’s usually Dell’s son, Steph Curry, who gets all the attention. But on Wednesday, with Steph and the Golden State Warriors in town, the Hornets decided to honor their franchise’s greatest and most beloved player so his son could take part in the festivities.

And Steph Curry definitely did take part in the “Dell Curry Night” festivities. First he interviewed his dad on the Hornets pre-game show:

Then he stood quietly in the background while Dell Curry recognized his family:

And then, after the halftime ceremony, Steph Curry obviously came back out and torched the Charlotte Hornets for 28 POINTS IN THE THIRD QUARTER:

Steph finished with 40 points on “Dell Curry Night,” leading the Golden State Warriors to their 20th consecutive win to open the season.

I’d say he was “inspired” by his dad, but we all know Curry does this kind of thing on an almost nightly basis.

Maybe next time the Warriors are in town the Hornets should try bringing Dell Curry out onto the floor and firing him in front of everybody. Maybe that will get Steph off his game.

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