Check Out The Height on Aaron Rodgers’ Hail Mary From Awesome New Angle (Video)

Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary Height

How about that final Hail Mary pass from Aaron Rodgers during last night’s “Miracle in Motown”?  Have you ever seen a football thrown that high in the air before?

According to ESPN, the ball, which Rodgers released from his own 35-yard line, hung in the air for exactly 4.35 seconds before landing in the waiting arms of 6’4″ tight end Richard Rodgers for the game-winning touchdown.  According to Elias Sports Bureau research, it was the longest game-winning, game-ending Hail Mary touchdown in NFL history.

Here’s an awesome look at the loft A-Rod put on that ball, via a video that was taken by someone sitting a few rows up at about the 50-yard line:

Same ole lions

A video posted by Brandon Movitz (@brandicle) on

Good thing for Rodgers that Ford Field doesn’t have a giant scoreboard hanging in the middle of their stadium like Jerry’s World in Dallas, else it may have hit it, as Jim Nantz was kind enough to point out afterwards:

Wow. What a throw. What a game.

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