The Packers’ Hail Mary Was Almost Identical to Flutie’s in 1984, as This Comparison Shows (Video)

hail mary

Last night’s 61-yard untimed hail Mary by the Packers against the Lions sort of looked like all hail Marys do, but this one in particular was especially evocative of the most famous hail Mary of all time. One so iconic that it’s just called “The Hail Mary.” The one thrown by Doug Flutie that helped Boston College beat Miami in 1984.

Here’s a tweet that breaks down the similarities:

Now, footage aside, I’m guessing you can see as much of a similarity as you’d like to see here. Right-handed quarterback gets flushed out, rolls right, runs up to the line, chucks the ball into a crowd in the endzone. I think the only huge variable here is the difference in the amount of room Rodgers had while running into his throw in comparison to Flutie.

But it’s still pretty cool to see the hugely similar plays side-by-side.

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