Apparently, Miracle Plays Run in Richard Rodgers’ Family (Video and Tweet)


Last night, Richard Rodgers found himself on the receiving end of a 61-yard hail Mary with no time left that gave the Packers the victory in their matchup against the Lions. It was a huge play, and will be one of the most memorable plays of the season.

In 1982, Rodgers’ father, Richard Rodgers Sr., was a part of what might be considered the biggest miracle play in the history of American sports: Cal returning a kickoff against Stanford that led the scoring players through members of Stanford’s band who had already taken the field in celebration. Richard Sr. caught and tossed not one, but two laterals during the course of that play to give Cal the last minute victory, so it seems snatching victory from the jaws of defeat is nothing new for the Rodgers clan.

Here’s the video:

The announcer really help sells that one, doesn’t he?

Sports media were quick to point out the relationship almost instantly after the play, and it IS a pretty cool coincidence. I wonder what Richard Rodgers III is going to pull off.

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