Let’s Re-Watch the Ronda Rousey Knockout with Aussie Commentary (NSFW Video)

ronda rousey knockout aussie commentary

If you’re an MMA fan, you’ve probably watched Holly Holm kick Ronda Rousey in the face about 20 times already. However, today you’re going to watch it again. This time with Aussie commentary. Fake, vulgar, funny Aussie commentary.

It comes to us from somebody who calls himself Azzarati, hashtag “The Mock Commentator.” He’s been making parody sports commentary for a while, but he only recently struck gold with his version of last weekend’s Broncos-Patriots game.

It was the success of that one which drew our attention to the Aussie commentary version of the Ronda Rousey knockout. Which is just brutally honest.

Take a look:

[Warning: NSFW]

#TBT Rousey vs. Holm (WITH AUSTRALIAN COMMENTARY)CREDIT: Azzarati #themockcommentator

Posted by Black Adam Schefter on Thursday, December 3, 2015


It’s no Bad British Commentary, but it’s not bad. I wouldn’t mind seeing what this guy can do with some other famous plays from recent sports history, like maybe the conclusion to Super Bowl XLIV, or the 2013 Iron Bowl, or hell, the final play from Thursday night’s Packers-Lions game.

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