Chilean Soccer Game Cancelled after Crazy Rioters Take Over The Field (Videos)

Chilean soccer

A Chilean soccer match turned terrifying over the weekend as a mob of fans took to the field, rioting and assaulting one another, causing the match between Colo Colo and the Santiago Wanderers to be cancelled.

The warring fan bases (at least, that’s what the two sides seemed to represent) brandished makeshift weapons such as metal poles, chairs, and even emergency flares.

Here’s some footage, which makes the pitch look more like Lord of the Flies than a sporting event:

And this video of a guy running around with a flare should give you all the context you require:

Outside the stadium wasn’t much prettier. Rocks were thrown at cars for no particular reason, and fights broke out in the streets. There’s no word on the total damage done, including injuries, but we don’t need the figures to know that this was an ugly scene in Chile.

Here’s a terrifying video from outside the stadium:

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