Cowboys Fan Creates Petition To Bring Johnny Manziel To Dallas

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The circus that is the Dallas Cowboys are a putrid 3-8 on the season and in last place in the horrible NFC East, which sadly they still have a shot to win because everybody equally sucks along with them. Now the fans are petitioning the Cleveland Browns to trade Johnny Manziel to big D, because why the f*ck not.

The petition reads as:

“Johnny Football has been a rollercoaster to watch during his first two years in the NFL. His potential talent is undeniable, but numerous mistakes have been costly to his football career on the Browns. Due to a lack of progress and repeated incidents compromising Manziel’s character, it is time for Cleveland to move on. Enter the Dallas Cowboys, who are looking to invest in a quarterback for the future post-Romo era. Behind an impeccable offensive line, and learning behind accomplished veteran Tony Romo, Manziel will have an ideal opportunity to flourish in Dallas. Given the precarious state of Romo’s health, the Cowboys are in desperate need of a capable backup QB who can carry the team when asked to do so (Just look at what’s happened with Weeden/Cassel at the helm), and Johnny Manziel can provide just that. Jerry Jones has openly talked about how mad he is that the Cowboys didn’t draft Manziel in the 2014 NFL Draft when they had the chance. This could be his opportunity to get his wish. The immaturity, the lack of talent surrounding him, and other factors have contributed to Manziel’s has rough start in professional football. However, trading him to the Cowboys would provide him with the learning environment and tools he needs to succeed. Plus, how much fun would it be to watch Johnny Football do his thing on a skilled Cowboys team? This is the perfect fit for Manziel, and the trade will mutually benefit both teams.”

So far the petition has 1 signature! “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.” Read the entire petition here!

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