LeBron James Signs Lifetime Deal With Nike

LeBron James Nike Lifetime Deal

Today, Nike announced that they’d be giving LeBron James something that they’ve never given to any other athlete before, including Michael Jordan.

That something is a lifetime contract.

While it is believed that Nike and Jordan have at least a de facto lifetime agreement, LeBron’s new deal with the largest sporting apparel brand in the world is said to be the first lifetime agreement in the company’s history.

Details of the agreement have not been made public, but a source close to the deal told ESPN that it is “the largest single-athlete guarantee in company history.”

Nike has already released 13 versions of LeBron’s signature shoe, with 2015 sales set to top $400-million. James’ last deal with Nike wasn’t set to expire until 2019. Now, he’s with them for life.

As for Cleveland, they’re still waiting for their lifetime contract with LeBron. Maybe someday.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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