Michael Vick Campaigning For Animal Rights Bill (Video)


Michael Vick has come a long way from his days from being under investigation for dog fighting to ultimately spending some time in prison for it. He got out, was welcomed back into the NFL and has been a model citizen, player, and person since and now this…

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Michael Vick was present Tuesday at the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in an effort to encourage voters to pass an animal-rights bill, per TMZ Sports.

According to ESPN.com’s Jeremy FowlerPA House Bill 1516 would allow police officers to rescue dogs or cats from vehicles should the temperature inside reach an unsafe temperature.

“All animals require kindness and respect,” Vick said … “They depend on us like our children depend on us.”

But Vick didn’t try to ignore his history of animal abuse — and even referenced his 2007 dog fighting conviction.

“I know that I’m an unlikely advocate. I was part of the problem when I was at my lowest. I made the decision to change and I stand by that. Now that I can reach people that activists can’t reach.”

“I’ve learned that animal rights bills don’t get enough attention and I’m hoping this bill gets that attention … together we can be instrumental in change.”


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