Pats Fans Pony Up, Buy Beer For Eagles LB Connor Barwin After Losing Bet


While warming up before the Pats-Eagles game on Sunday, Philly LB Connor Barwin caught wind of some loudmouth fans at Foxboro. After going back and forth, Barwin said that he wanted a beer from the fans if the Eagles managed to win the game, which seemed very unlikely at the time.

Well, the Eagles pulled off a 35-28 victory, and Barwin approached the fans after the game, inquiring about his beverage. Sure enough, he got it from them, and was seen walking across the field carrying his beer.

Barwin commented on the event via Crossing Broad blog:

“I go out to the field and warm up by myself early and some Patriots fans, that these stadiums now have access where they’re right up on the field, and they were kind of messing with me. Talking about how I wasn’t going to get any sacks, we weren’t going to win, blah, blah, blah. And I just said make sure you have a beer ready for me after we win. And sure enough, we won and they had a Bud Light ready.”

Ick. Bud Light? You beat the Patriots, you get the fancy stuff. Which, at a football game, is probably Heineken (which is really just as bad).

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