Hero Referee Curses Out James Neal While Giving Him Two Minutes For Embellishment, Because Hockey Is Awesome (Video)

referee curses out james neal predators forward embellishes high stick

The NBA has a major flopping problem and they are trying to fix it. However, guys rarely get caught in the act. They do get fined afterward, but the money is pocket change for guys making $10 million a year.

No, really. Pocket change. A $15,000 fine for a guy making $10 million a year is like a $150 fine for a guy making $100,000 a year. It’s not that much.

Personally, I prefer the approach the NHL takes to prevent flopping. In a hockey game, not only will a referee give you a two minute penalty for diving or embellishment, but he’ll tell you to go f*ck yourself right then and there.

Just look at what happened during the second period or last night’s Bruins-Predators game. Nashville forward James Neal got clipped in the shoulder area by the stick of Boston goalie Jonas Gustavsson. The play would not have been a penalty even if the stick had clipped Neal’s face because the high stick came on a follow-through. However, Neal flings his head back, grabs his face, and falls to his knees anyway, because he’s an instinctive flopper. So the ref’s like, “F*ck you, you’re getting a f*cking embellishment!”

No, really. That’s literally what he said. Take a look:

If the NBA empowered referees to take the integrity of their profession into their own hands the way the NHL does, they’d be a lot better off.

Plus, who wouldn’t love to hear a ref tell Dwyane Wade to shut the f*ck up when he gives him the evil eye?

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