Romanian Goalie Gets Red Card For Shoving Idiot Fan Who Slapped Him In The Face (Video)

romanian goalie Alexandru Gudea gets red card for pushing fan who ran on field

In my book, if an adult male runs onto the playing field during a pro sporting event and sprints right at an athlete, the athlete has every right to punch, kick, elbow, or tackle that fan. After all, the athlete has no idea whether the idiot fan wants to harm him or take a stupid selfie. And, moreover, the idiot fan has to understand that getting kicked in the nuts is just one of the many risks he incurs by running onto the field.

Unfortunately for Romanian goalie Alexandru Gudea, the referee overseeing a recent second division game between FC Farul and FC Dunarea Calarasi is not of the same opinion. With Gudea’s Farul trailing Dunarea 6-1 in the 93rd minute, a fan ran onto the field and sprinted right at Gudea. So Gudea shoved him, because he didn’t want to just wait around to be attacked. Then the fan slapped him in the face. And after all of that,¬†Gudea got a f#*%ing red card.

Take a look:

Technically Gudea touched the fan first. But the fan looked aggressive, and he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Seeing as how red cards accumulate and can add up to fines and suspensions, the referee really should have let this one go, don’t you think?

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