He Plays for the Colts Now, But Andre Johnson Still Held His 8th Annual Christmas Shopping Spree For Houston Kids (Video)

andre johnson christmas shopping spree

After playing 12 seasons with the Houston Texans, wide receiver Andre Johnson signed a three-year $21 million deal with the Indianapolis Colts prior to the 2015 NFL season. However, he didn’t just leave Houston behind, because you don’t live somewhere for over a decade without putting down some roots. And on Tuesday, Johnson proved his Texas roots run pretty deep when he held a Christmas shopping spree for some needy Houston kids—just like he’s done every year since 2008.

The shopping spree worked the same as it always has. Twelve kids got to go nuts in a Houston-area Toys R Us, with each also guaranteed the gaming system of their choice plus two games. The only major difference was that this year, instead of 80 seconds, which was inspired by Johnson’s number with the Texans, the kids got 81—because that is Johnson’s new number with the Colts.

Unfortunately, Johnson couldn’t be there in person this year. However, Johnson’s mom, two former Texans teammates, the Harris County District Attorney, and the Houston Police Chief were there. And Johnson did make an appearance via Facetime.

In the end, the kids came away with more toys than they could carry, and Johnson footed the $18,030.25 bill.

Take a look:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—that just does not get old.

Well done, Andre Johnson.

Hat Tip – [Houston Chronicle]

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