Cam Newton To The People Who Don’t Like Him: “Kiss My A**”


Despite being undefeated and having an MVP type season, Cam Newton has been under heavy scrutiny about everything, but his play on the field. He dances, he gets a letter from an upset fan. He gives footballs to kids, he’s just doing it for the camera. He smiles too much, he’s cocky.

Newton was a guest on a new segment on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” — titled “kiss my” — and Brandon Marshall was the moderator.

Larry Brown Sports provided transcript of the alleged text Marshall says Newton sent him in response to the doubters of the Panthers, Newton and his MVP status.

“For you guys that think I celebrate too much … kiss my,” Newton’s text to Marshall read.

“For you guys that think the towel on my head is ridiculous … kiss my.

“The way I dress … kiss my.

“For all the guys out there that think I’m not the MVP … kiss my,” Newton said in his text to Marshall, according to the wide receiver.

Well that’s a heck of a way to debut a new segment on “Inside the NFL.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Keep pissing them off, Cam.


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