The Customer Reviews of the Greg Hardy Jersey on Are FANTASTIC (Pics)

greg hardy jersey user reviews

There are a lot of people around the NFL and among the general public that don’t think Greg Hardy should be playing football this year, seeing as how he brutally beat his girlfriend last year. He is, though. Because the NFL and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones are completely out of touch with reality. You can even buy a Cowboys Greg Hardy jersey on, the official online store of the NFL. Even though it’s kind of offensive to market such a shitty person. And even though no one in their right mind would buy one.

The bright side? The folks running didn’t have the sense to disable the “customer reviews” for the “Men’s Dallas Cowboys Greg Hardy Pro Line Team Color Jersey.” And that, of course, led to this:

greg hardy jersey user reviews 2

That second one is my favorite. Here’s a closer look:

greg hardy jersey user reviews 3

Want to write your own review of the men’s Dallas Cowboys Greg Hardy Pro Line team color jersey? Click here before the NFL removes the item from the store (like they should have done in the first place)!

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