Dez Bryant Wants To Help Roger Goodell Determine “What Is a Catch?”

Dez Bryant catch

Dez Bryant‘s catch during last year’s NFC Divisional Round match-up against the Green Bay Packers—the one that seemed like it was a catch, but apparently wasn’t—was largely responsible for bringing the issue regarding “what is a catch in the NFL” to the forefront.  And now that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has announced his intention to bring together a committee of experts to help him determine the answer to that question, Dez wants in on the panel.

When asked about his thoughts on Goodell’s announcement, Bryant told USA Today, “That’s Cool! They need to invite me. Tell them they need to call me, so I can have my input.”

Apparently, Bryant isn’t the only one who wants some input on this rule.  When speaking with reporters on Wednesday about the matter, Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson said, “Definitely, if somebody asks me I’ll definitely give them my input.’’

I’m sure these two won’t be the only ones to seek some sort of involvement in this process. Goodell’s inbox is probably already flooded with emails containing suggestions from NFL wideouts.

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