Kobe Bryant Signed Jonas Valanciunas’ Cast—You Know, the One on the Hand that Kobe Bryant Broke (Pic)

jonas Valanciunas' cast

The Toronto Raptors hosted the Los Angeles Lakers in Toronto on Monday. However, they had to do it without the services of starting center Jonas Valanciunas.

Why? Becuase the last time the Raptors played the Lakers, which was just three weeks ago, Kobe Bryant broke Valanciunas’ hand.

It wasn’t malicious, of course. Just a bit of incidental contact. But unfortunately it left Valanciunas with a fracture in the fourth metacarpal in his left hand.

However, Kobe’s a nice guy. So while in Toronto on Monday, he took the time to give Valanciunas a written apology…right there on his cast.

Take a look:

In case you can’t quite read the scribble, it says “Sorry for the break my brother. Stay strong! Kobe Byant 24.”

Unfortunatley, Kobe’s act of kindness didn’t win any sympathy with the big man’s teammates. The Raptors beat the Lakers 102-91 on November 20, when Valanciunas broke his hand, and they beat them 102-93 on December 7, when Kobe signed Valanciunas’ cast.

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