Safety Shiloh Keo Successfully Uses Twitter To Get The Broncos To Sign Him

Shiloh Keo

Unless you’re some sort of swimsuit model, social media will be more likely to cause you to lose a job, not gain one.  Not in this case, though, as 27-year-old safety Shiloh Keo chose to go against the grain and use his Twitter account to get himself some work.

It all started last week, when Keo tweeted the following at Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips after noticing that Phillips’ team had signed free agent safety Josh Bush, instead of him, to fill a vacant roster position:

It didn’t take long for Phillips to respond—nine minutes, to be exact:

Phillips makes a good point.  It’s always easier to pick up a player who’s familiar with your system, because at this point in the season, there really isn’t a whole lot of time left to learn it and make yourself useful down the final stretch and during playoff time.  However, what Wade may have forgotten was that Keo played for him in Houston from 2011 till 2013, while Wade was the Texans’ defensive coordinator (and interim head coach for a short period in 2013).

Keo quickly reminded his former coach of this fact:

Apparently, Wade Phillips took notice, because today, the Broncos released Christian Ponder and signed Shiloh Keo (via ESPN]:

Shiloh Keo Signs With Broncos

Take note, free agent defensive players: Wade Phillips has Twitter and he’s currently using it to take résumés.

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