Kevin Durant Shows Up at OKC School to Donate $35K, Adorable Kid Collapses in Disbelief (Video)

kevin durant donates $35,000 to elementary school kid collapses in disbelief

On Wednesday, the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation donated $35,000 to Positive Tomorrows, an Oklahoma City elementary school serving homeless children. It’s the third such donation the charity has made to the school, and it will go toward building and stocking a kitchen. Which is awesome. But even more awesome is the fact that Kevin Durant himself went to the school in person to meet the kids.

He didn’t have to. The school would gladly have taken that $35K check without a personal appearance from the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar. But Durant did show up, because he remembers how much it would have meant to him if his heroes had visited him when he was a kid.

“I can remember when I was that age and I wanted somebody to come and talk to us when I was a kid,” he explained said. “We never thought it was possible. So just wanted to provide that for kids coming up now. Kids are the future.”

So did the kids appreciate it?

Well, at least one of them definitely did:

When a kid collapses in disbelief just because you walk in the room, I’d say you’re doing something right.

Keep up the good work, KD.

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