Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm Slated for a UFC 200 Rematch in July

UFC 200

UFC president Dana White has said to media outlets that Ronda Rousey will get her redemption shot against Holly Holm at UFC 200 in Las Vegas on July 9th. Rousey was upset by underdog Holm at UFC 193 on November 14th, and reportedly is still recovering from the injuries sustained in that match.

Despite the semi-official announcement, Holm’s camp was skeptical that Rousey would be in fighting shape by that time.

Rousey received a six-month medical suspension following the blows to the head she endured, but that could be ended early with clean CT scans, and the suspension will have passed by the date of the fight anyway.

Whether or not Rousey can make the timing work, it’s clear that the two fighters aren’t sheepish about squaring off again soon. In the interim, Holm could take on second-ranked Miesha Tate, who Rousey has beaten twice.

When Rousey and Holm do square off again, you can bet it will be one of the biggest nights the sport has ever seen.  A major event like UFC 200 seems like the perfect fit.

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