Charles Barkley Shares Opinions on Donald Trump and the GOP (Video)

Charles Barkley

As the entire sports world knows, Charles Barkley has an opinion on most everything. He also has the uncanny ability to speak straight and get away with saying things that, while grounded in truth, would get almost anyone else fired from their job.

So maybe that’s why, over the years, Inside the NBA on TNT has learned to trust Charles Barkley and even given him a few minutes to speak on politics, as he did last night.

His summation of all this Donald Trump business, as usual, was honest, heartfelt, and hilarious:

“Living in Arizona, I think the Hispanics are amazing people. To lump all Hispanics together, that was insulting. Now to lump all the Muslims together, that’s even more insulting. … To try to divide and conquer, which is what the Republicans always do, it’s just sad. … And then you got these losers who love that because they’re afraid to look in the mirror and say why their life sucks. So they have to blame other people. Your life sucks because of you, not because of Hispanics.”

I think, given the NBA’s fan base, TNT can get away with something like this, but it’s still a risky move that is guaranteed to alienate some viewers.

However, given Chuck’s candor and humor, it could also turn a few casual fans into loyal followers of the show. They wouldn’t have done it unless they thought it was worth it.

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