Rumor Has It the Giants Think Odell Beckham Parties Too Much

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According to New York Post gossip column Page Six, the New York Giants are not too happy about Odell Beckham‘s partying ways.

On Sunday night, Beckham hit the town with a group of friends that included rapper Jadakiss, hitting up New York’s Haus nightclub.

“He was there until after 3 a.m.,” said the Page Six source. “He came with a group of guys, but not teammates. They ordered several bottles of Champagne and a bottle of Patrón. Girls were trying to come say hi, but he looked bored by them, like it was [a] guys’ night out.”

Now, Beckham didn’t do anything illegal. He didn’t get into a fight, he didn’t drive drunk, and he didn’t sexually assault anyone.

The problem, according to the Post, is this:

While talented Beckham wasn’t breaking any team rules by being at the club, a nightlife source told us the rest of his team’s been leaving the corks on the bubbly of late. “The Giants have been cracking down on players’ social lives, considering the season they’re having,” said an insider. “Across the board, most of [the players] have slowed down on going out.” But, the source added, “Odell’s their star right now… Most will say he’s carrying the team. He feels like he can go out and drink and have fun, because it’s not him who is losing the games.”

If the Giants as a whole are cutting back on the partying, it’s understandable how Beckham’s outing on Sunday would rub people the wrong way. After all, the Giants had just lost a heartbreaker to the Jets, which put them in third rather than first place in the NFC East. That was hardly cause for celebration.

Then again, ODB is no Johnny Manziel. (Though they have partied together.) This could just be a case of the New York Post trying to make something out of nothing.

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