Here Are the Most Painful NFL Teams to Watch…According to the Wall Street Journal and Science

Most Painful NFL Teams to Watch cowboys redskins

It’s certainly no secret that NFL fans have witnessed a ton of really terrible football so far in 2015, from Monday’s atrocious Dallas-Washington game, to the infamous Colts trick play, to the numerous blown calls, to…well, pretty much everything the Philadelphia Eagles do.

So which teams have consistently played the worst football? The folks over at the Wall Street Journal decided to crunch some numbers and find out.

They didn’t look at things like interceptions or sacks, though, because interceptions and sacks are actually exciting even when they piss you off. Instead, the WSJ looked at things that make you get bored and change the channel—things like shortest average pass, fewest big plays, most fair catches, and most failed challenges. Then they smashed all the stats together to come up with the definitive ranking.

Take a look:

most painful NFL teams to watch wall street journal


As you can see, it’s not so much the wins and losses that make a football team either a joy or a pain to watch. It’s the style of play. The Panthers are 12-0, but they’ve mostly done it with defense, and a bunch of those wins were downright ugly. So they managed to crack the top 10. Meanwhile, the Colts, Eagles, Rams, Browns, and Jets make up the top five. And frankly, that sounds about right.

What do you think?

Hat Tip – [Wall Street Journal]

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