Roger Goodell Has Assembled a ‘Catch Rule’ Committee

catch rule

Despite public requests (pleas) from Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson, Roger Goodell’s newly assembled catch rule committee (it’s like the dorkiest version of the Avengers imaginable) will get to work on the task of determining what is and isn’t a catch.

This season has been rife with inconsistencies over the matter, and recently, announcers have gotten in on the criticism, making the issue a much more public matter. Hopefully this committee can eliminate intentionally vague language like “football move” from the qualification and opt for a more simple explanation of putting two hands on a damn football.

The committee will include former G.M. Bill Polian, former coaches Ken Whisenhunt, Jim Schwartz and Joe Philbin, former receiver James Thrash and former side judge Tom Finken.

Hopefully, these discussions will be held entirely behind closed doors so we won’t have to hear hot takes on the latest developments from six guys arguing over what a catch is or isn’t. No word on when some closure will be found on the matter, but we can all pray it will be resolved by week 1 of next season.

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