Rugby Girl Levels Opponent With The Hardest Hit You’ll See All Week (Video)


This play doesn’t require much in the way of commentary, but that’s cool, because we’ve got a few videos to make up for it. A monster girl has the ball and turns downfield, only to find a couple opponents in her path. Fortunately, one is just on the edge of destruction, while the other (who is not so fortunate) finds herself square in harm’s way.

You wouldn’t often expect a hit of this magnitude to come from an offensive rugby player, but I guess this is one of those rare instances. So just sit back and enjoy. It’s gold.

Here’s the longer video:

BOOM! Women’s Rugby hit of the year? Yup, this is it. And that offload… Davenport Women’s Rugby See more @ USA Sevens Rugby

Posted by USA Sevens Rugby on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


And here’s the straight-to-business Vine:

As the Vine clearly shows, that’s not just body weight in that hit – there’s a sick forearm shiver as well.

Awesome hit.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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