Vikings Announcers Get PISSED About That Game-Ending Fumble (Video)


“Are you kidding me?”

“Are you kidding me?”

Both Viking radio announcers offered up the same response to the Vikings’ game-ending fumble with their team trailing by three and their offense clearly in field-goal range with only 11 seconds remaining.

Bridgewater suffered a similar fate in a game against the Denver Broncos earlier in the year, as these two helpfully point out before offering up an insightful “My Gahhhd.”

It’s pretty funny, and hard not to like the passion. I wish more national announcers would call games with this sort of animus and passion, but they seem to be saving that disgust for the refereeing this year, which is also very, very fun.

I wish there was more to say about this, but I just hope that these announcers can travel the world announcing different sporting events and even maybe offer some political commentary as well at some point.

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