Watch the Aldo-McGregor Fight, Now in Claymation Form! (Video)


The nice thing about a fight that lasts 13 seconds is that it’s quite easy to re-create in a number of different mediums. For instance, you could do a flip-book, Pixar-level animation, or anything in between.

This clip, by Instagrammer @azxd, shows the Aldo-McGregor fight in the squishy medium of claymation.

Check it out:

Conor Mcgregor vs. Jose Aldo by @azxd #AndStill #mma #sports #boxing #wrestling #bjj #UFC

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It’s a decent, accurate recreation of the proceedings, but I will say that the fighters look pretty lanky. And I’m not sure that McGregor got onto Aldo THAT quickly after landing the first punch.

But It’s MUCH better than a flip book, and I think we’ve also seen the clips of the actual Aldo-McGregor fight enough times over and over that the change in medium is a welcome one.

Also,┬átheir heads look too big. ┬áLike a bobble-head death match. Not that I’m complaining…

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